What kind of berry to eat to make the penis stand up for a long time or best products to improve erection

useful products for potency

Persistent erection and prolonged sexual intercourse are things that arouse men of different ages. Already after the age of 35, some men are faced with a violation of potency, and with increasing age this phenomenon becomes more frequent. There are many factors that provoked a weak erection, or its absence - from a poor ecology to internal diseases in a man. Therefore, the approach to restoring erection must be comprehensive. These are specially designed physiotherapeutic procedures, vitamin and mineral food supplements and physical exercises. In severe cases, drugs are prescribed to increase potency, however, sometimes men do without them, simply by reviewing their diet and making some changes. However, you will also have to limit yourself in the use of certain products - but the result is worth it.

Products that negatively affect erection

Below is a list of products, the constant use of which negatively affects potency. Therefore, with men's health problems, they will have to be excluded:

  1. Pastry, confectionery and bakery products - a high content of yeast and sugar adversely affects the synthesis of testosterone - the main male hormone, the amount of which depends on potency. The only exceptions are unleavened breads.
  2. Fatty meat, butter and margarine, egg yolks, some cheeses - a large list of products that contain erection-damaging cholesterol. This substance is able to form plaques in the lumen of the pelvic vessels, reducing the inflow of the amount of blood needed for an erection. So, and an erection. Interestingly, the male hormone itself is formed precisely from cholesterol.
  3. Beer. The phytoestrogens contained in beer are female hormones, and when they enter a man's body, they suppress the production of testosterone - the result of this effect is a hormonal imbalance. In addition to erection problems, a "beer" belly appears, the voice becomes louder. When drinking a large amount of beer, in men, the production of the hormone testosterone, responsible for the functioning of the reproductive system, is suspended. Over time, this can lead to potency issues.
  4. the negative impact of beer on cartoon potency
  5. Fast food restaurant menu products - Trans fats contained in hamburgers and fries also negatively affect the synthesis of hormones, including testosterone.
  6. Smoked sausages and meats - smoked liquids used to manufacture these products, quantitatively reduce testosterone levels. In addition, these substances are toxic to the testes.
  7. Carbonated drinks, except mineral water. In addition to high levels of sugar, they contain flavors and dyes, the use of which negatively affects testosterone and sperm synthesis.
  8. Caffeinated drinks. The most common of these is coffee. If you drink often and a lot, testosterone drops, but the amount of female hormones, on the contrary, increases.

In combination with factors like obesity, sedentary work, emotional instability, stress and constant overwork, frequent use of the above products often causes erectile dysfunction.

Foods that increase potency

Regular use of the following products will help increase sexual performance, prolong intercourse and restore potency:

  • Ginger root - its biological substances are able to overcome impotence and restore reproductive abilities. In addition, this product contains a lot of vitamins and minerals - they tone the whole body;
  • Dairy products - increase testosterone synthesis;
  • Spices - natural aphrodisiacs like cumin, thyme, basil increase cravings;
  • Garlic - stimulates testosterone synthesis and blood flow in the vascular bed. Use fresh or prepare tincture - 3 liters. boiled water, take 1 kg of minced garlic. Shake the resulting mixture daily throughout the infusion time. A month later, you can start a course against impotence with garlic tincture, taking 1 teaspoon a day.
  • Products containing coarse vegetable fiber - berries, fruits and vegetables. They not only increase libido and enhance erection, but also have a beneficial effect on spermatogenesis (sperm formation). Horseradish and asparagus can be included in the same category;
  • Chocolate - but only natural bitters, no artificial additives. It has a positive effect on the hormonal background and the male reproductive system, being a powerful aphrodisiac. Increases desire due to the content of flavonoids - natural antioxidants that tone the vascular wall;
  • Seafood - mussels, crayfish, shrimp, squid. They have a strong and quick effect on potency. With its regular use, sexual activity and desire increase not only in men - they have the same effect on women. Oysters are also useful - they contain a lot of zinc and amino acids;
  • Me at. It is better to give preference to red and dietary varieties - lamb, beef, rabbit, turkey and chicken. The thyroxine contained in meat normalizes hormone levels. It is better for the meat to be boiled or boiled, but not fried;
  • Honey - and other bee products can increase testosterone secretion, contribute to a better blood supply to the penis during an erection. In addition to honey, for the prevention of impotence, it is recommended to use bee pollen, the protein contained in it also helps to strengthen erection and testosterone production. The recommended daily dose is 10 g, it is better to refuse the use of these products in case of allergies and hypersensitivity to honey;
  • Foods rich in magnesium - buckwheat, oats, legumes, corn, spinach, arugula, grapes. Such products can not only overcome impotence, but also prevent diseases of the cardiovascular system, prostate cancer. Its constant use in food increases free testosterone in the blood, grapes stimulate blood circulation in Organs pelvic organs responsible for erection and prevent the development of infertility in men. Spinach, the food of magnesium, contains natural nitrates, which later break down into nitric oxides in the body - they also quantitatively increase testosterone, which causes an erection;
  • Grenade. Pomegranate juice prevents oxidative processes in the body, has a positive effect on the formation of testosterone. The same mechanism of action in erection has a watermelon;
  • Of fish, choose mackerel, salmon and halibut rich in omega-3 acids, phosphorus and iodine. Mackerel stimulates sperm production and improves sexual health, halibut is rich in vitamins and zinc;
  • Dried fruits - in Arab countries, dates are considered the best remedy for impotence. In addition to them, figs are a strong aphrodisiac - due to the high content of magnesium and potassium, it has a beneficial effect on blood vessels, increasing the blood supply to the penis at the time of erection;
  • Nuts are a natural storehouse of protein. Nuts, pistachios, almonds stimulate an erection and normalize hormone levels, increase libido, increase potency. The effect will be quick if you use them together with dried fruits and honey. Nutmeg - 1/3 teaspoon poured into food or diluted with water;
  • nuts for potency
  • In addition to wine, it is recommended to exclude other alcoholic beverages - wine should not be abused either - the allowed amount per day is one glass;
  • To increase potency, smoothies or pumpkin juice are used - the high content of zinc stimulates potency. pumpkin seeds
  • Ginger tea. Such a drink stimulates potency by strengthening the vascular walls. In addition, the compounds contained in ginger prevent thrombosis, and if you drink it with honey and lemon, the drink becomes a good prevention of colds. Tea is easy to prepare - 10 g of peeled and chopped root is poured with boiling water and infused for 10-15 minutes;
  • Drinks that stimulate erection include celery root juice, an infusion of coriander and parsley, mare's milk;
  • Citrus - lemon and orange. The lutein contained in them increases the level of testosterone in the blood;
  • Quail eggs - four pieces a day are enough to maintain the level of phosphorus and iron necessary for spermatogenesis. Consume raw;
  • Turnip. You can eat its seeds or the roots themselves - raw or cooked. The product stimulates the secretion of testosterone and increases libido due to the amino acids it contains.

Examples of male erection diet dishes

  1. A decoction of milk and carrots - 1 tbsp. milk take 2 tbsp. carrot spoonsAdd to milk and cook for 10 minutes. Take 100 g 3 times a day;
  2. Salad with potatoes and fish - separately cook 500 g of fish, 5 potatoes, 3 carrots. After the products have cooled, cut them into cubes and season with vegetable oil, decorate with herbs before serving;
  3. Steamed fish - 700 g of fish (low-fat) cut into pieces and put on the bottom of the water bath, add hot water, 2 chopped onions, parsley - put on a slow fire for 15 minutes. Cook 2 beets and 2 potatoes separately for garnish. Sprinkle the fish with lemon juice before serving;
  4. Shrimp soup - before cooking it is necessary to sauté 2 carrots, parsley root and onion. Add them to boiling water along with 500 g of cauliflower. 10 minutes before the end of cooking, place 200 g of prawns in the pan and garnish with herbs.


Erection products and dishes are quite common and affordable. You need to follow an erection diet consistently and avoid the negative impact of other factors that affect potency.